1. Tell your friends

Share your link with friends, make their gaming sessions healthier, and help us spread our MADMONQ® mission to the whole world.

2. Give them €5

Besides getting the ultimate wingman on their path to health, your friends also get a €5 discount on their 1st order.

3. And get €5 for yourself

As a thank you for you spreading our healthy mission with such grace, you will receive €5 in QOINS for every purchase made through your link, which you can use to buy something at MADMONQ®.


You can earn a variety of sexy rewards on your quest to spread MADMONQ® magic. It all depends on how many referrals you get through your link. You can check all rewards a little further down.


5 Referrals

Signature T-shirt

10 Referrals


20 Referrals

Custom piece of merch

50 Referrals

Grand Prize

1 referral means 1 ticket to a raffle for a gaming setup worth €5000. The ultimate gaming equipment is tailored to your needs, including all those fancy stuff like a gaming chair that will keep your back in top shape, or a home gym so you can sculpt those six-packs while waiting for your teammates to connect.

Basically, it's exactly what you've always seen in your dreams (the wet ones). The draw will take place at one of our big events.


  • How do I join the referral program?

    To join the referral program, simply sign up for an account on our website. Once logged in, navigate to the referral program section to access your unique referral link, which you can share with your network.

  • What rewards can I earn through the referral program?

    For each successful referral, you will receive 5 Qoins worth 5€ to your profile. And as the number of your referral orders increases, you will gradually unlock a lot of unique rewards (check the referral section on the website to see the full list).

  • How do I track my referrals and rewards?

    You can track your referrals and rewards through your profile dashboard. The dashboard will display the number of successful referrals, rewards earned, and any pending referrals or rewards.

  • When will I receive my referral rewards?

    Rewards are issued once the referred individual has successfully made a purchase. You will receive your Qoins, and once you get enough referrals you can claim your free gift for progress. (This proccess can take up to an hour. If you encounter an issue or have questions, reach out.)


  • Can I refer someone who is already a customer?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our referral system doesn’t work for existing customers.

  • Can I use my referral link to sign up or make a purchase?

    No, it is not possible to use your own referral link to sign up or make a purchase. The only way how to get to the sweet benefits is by referring your link to your friends.

  • What happens if my friend doesn't use my referral link?

    In this case, we will not be able to credit your referral order successfully. We track referrals through cookies, so the only way to ensure you’ll get your reward properly is by clicking on your referral link.

  • If I refer my imaginary friend, do I still get a reward?

    While we appreciate your enthusiasm to present MADMONQ® to as many people as possible, unfortunately, imaginary friends don’t count. We only accept referrals for real people with real accounts, so keep those imaginary pals for tea parties and late-night conversations.

  • If I refer enough people, can I become the company CEO?

    As impressive as your referral skills may be, becoming the CEO requires a bit more than just referring friends. However, with your go-getter attitude, who knows where you might end up? For now, just enjoy the rewards and bragging rights that come with being a top referrer.