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We are looking for a passionate Community Manager to join our ranks and help us build, grow and spoil our awesome MADMONQ community.

Your main job will be taking care of our streamers and their communities, hanging out in the chat during streams, answering questions and understanding that streamers are there for their viewers. This is their priority n1. And this is what matters to us the most, too.

As the Head of community, you’ll be managing our Twitch Experts across local markets (Germany, France), creating new activation ideas, being proactive and working as a core team within MADMONQ.

You’ll be a key person during brainstorming sessions for new campaigns, which revolve mostly around Twitch (but also other platforms). Personally, you are expected to lead projects and execute campaigns with individual streamers.

The role extends far beyond being their MADMONQ mom (or their mod) – you are expected to know intimately what’s happening with each of our streamers, what the current memes are, what we could do to make their lives better and help them grow together with us. The streamers need to genuinely love us and „fall in love“ with you.

The second job is finding and reaching out to like-minded and MADMONQ-worthy influencers, developing relationships and eventually partnering them with MADMONQ.


  • Visit streams regularly, spam OMEGALULs, Kappas and have fun with community
  • Educate the community on benefits of MADMONQ and speak about what we do as a brand (if people ask)
  • Report on what is going on in the community (upcoming games, current sentiment, memes and reactions)
  • Research the Twitch landscape and scan for awesome new streamers to join our team and reach out to them
  • You’re expected to bring new ideas to the table and execute them (mini community events, challenges, campaigns, competitions)
  • Keep partnered streamers well-informed and in the loop about upcoming events
  • Manage our international team of Twitch Experts to grow the love of the international communities towards our purple chewable tablets and our partnered streamers.
  • Cooperate with our marketing team on campaigns.


  • Excellent (native) knowledge of English
  • Passion for gaming and Twitch
  • Finisher’s mindset
  • Being able to handle a very transparent and honest environment
  • Collaborate but own your responsibilities
  • A positive, can-do attitude
  • Experience with chat moderation, influencers, customer care is a plus
  • People usually talk very well about you
  • You are that person everyone wants to say hi to at the party
  • You are the real-life like button

What you can expect from us

  • Start-up environment
  • Awesome & extremely capable team
  • Enormous learning opportunity
  • Office gym
  • Flexible working hours & working from home is possible
  • Free MADMONQ & merch