Gamers need to meditate, here’s how to start.

Mohammed Ali. Bill Gates. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

These icons have the determination to succeed, and they aren’t afraid to sweat along the way (or rap). 

We want to have their determination

Their drive

Their power.

So we did our research to find one of the tools that helped get these masters of their field where they are today. 

That tool is Meditation – a.k.a. The secret art of kicking ass mentally so you’re unstoppable.

It’s time to cross your legs and calm your mind. Things are about to get zen.

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Why Meditating is an essential tool for Gamers

Don’t let the hippies fool you. Meditation isn’t just for the “spiritual”.

Our role models have been doing meditation since forever because they know the science behind it. And the same benefits they get, we can use to upgrade our game and our lives

Benefits like

  • Less anxiety, stress, and more focus
  • More stable control of our emotions (less yeeting more GG-ing)
  • Better problemsolving skills
  • Better body health including skin, energy, and more+

Meditating can also help us focus on our goals.

We spend 47% of our time not paying attention to what we’re doing. That’s why we’re not feeling fulfilled when we end our day (no matter how many headshots we made in COD). 

Imagine if we focused better so that we could appreciate our accomplishments – big or small? 

That’s why meditation can make us better players. Whether it’s improving our focus in-game.

Or helping us keep our cool during intense moments (or when getting matched with a hacker in ranked. again.)

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How to Practice Meditation

Experts recommend starting meditating for 5 minutes a day, and building up to 15 minutes with practice.

You might think 15 minutes is easier than the Witcher III difficulty set to “Just the Story!”.

 But we can’t stress it enough…

doing nothing for 15 minutes IS NOT meditating...

We have to meditate properly to get the benefits (this is why we added our own guide below to help you start). 

Why is it complicated? Because we rely on our minds to be creative, attentive, and analytical – this is our time to reset it. 

It’s like cooling down our PC after it overheats so our arena frags won’t get ruined.

It’s not about stopping our minds – but stepping back and seeing things clearly.

At the start, you may get distracted. 

Super distracted. RPG-levels of distracted.

Even anxious. As you remember overdue assignments. 

Or bored. So you start imagining more exciting scenarios.

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You’re not alone. This is the greatest challenge beginners face. And it’s why masters recommend meditating with a candle.

Candle meditation is simple – use the calming presence of a flame to focus on, and stop your mind from wandering. It can also help calm you, with a warm glow and a natural scent (just don’t take a nap).

For the best candle meditation experience, we made a super easy how-to list to help follow the steps (if you want to meditate without a candle, just ignore steps 2, 3, and 5).

Ready? It’s time to meditate, MADMONQ-style


MADMONQ Candle Meditation 

1. Find a comfortable place you can sit with your back straight (not too comfy, but won’t distract you while you meditate)

2. Place your candle at eye level

3. Light up your candle (dim the light in the room so it’s just you and the flame)

4. Focus on your breathing (start with a few deep breaths)

5. Lock your gaze onto the flame

6. Calm your mind (become a mountain, thoughts and commitments are simply clouds passing by)

7. Relax your body, smell the scent (think about different body parts and slowly feel the tension let go in your shoulders and back) 

8. Don’t fall asleep (this isn’t math class)

5 or 15 minutes up already? Now it’s time to approach your challenges with a freshly-infused outlook.

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What if Meditating is too hard?

We all were beginners once. And yes, the non-adjustable difficulty setting caught us by surprise.

But don’t let this get you down. Here’s some science to explain why it gets easier.

We train our brain to adapt to new routines through neuroplasticity. This is what supports your brain’s ability to change and learn as a result of experience. 

This also means that slowly your brain will get used to meditating. Making practice easier and that much more enjoyable to do overtime. 

So stick with it, padawan. It only gets better from here. 

But if you want to know some hacks that won’t mess with the benefits of meditation, we found some to share with you below (no complex list of joystick moves needed). 

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Tricks to make Meditation easier

1. Meditate with a candle 

We wrote it before. We’ll write it again. Candle meditation is a huge advantage for beginners. We’re so serious about it we made Qandle to help us calm and destress with natural scents. Specially designed for gamers and meditation combined for the perfect, calming sessions. 

2. Get an app for guided meditation

Yeah, we see the irony of using your phone to help disconnect from the chaos of your… phone. But we love apps like Calmio or Headspace that make meditating easier by guiding you with carefully-crafted sessions. If you’re worried about doing it incorrectly or want some encouragement along the way, get yourself an app (it’s basically an IRL narrator for your bedroom).

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3. Listen to calm music

To help stop your mind from wandering, music can stop you from thinking too much in all the silence. 

But avoid anything with lyrics, harsh sounds, or big choruses.  

Keep it simple. If you can’t decide, listen to our specially crafted Meditation playlist we made. It’s filled with calming nature sounds (and pairs perfectly with the forest smells from Qandle). 

4. Hum a Mantra

Mantras are sound vibrations that you repeat. During the meditation, you’ll focus on the sounds to help relax.

Classics are “ah” or “ohm”. But we prefer “Yama-Champ”  OR “Mooonq”. 

Repeat your mantra until the end of the session for maximum stress relief (and practice).  

Don’t wait. Let’s meditate. 

It’s time to block out distractions. Don’t let them keep you from your goals. Because our journey to optimize your health and performance deserves all your attention.

That’s why Qandle, or our Meditation Playlist, are tools we spent time creating to help you on the path to being the best you can be.

Now take your next step forward with meditation. And get closer to being one of the greats. 

We can’t wait to see your success.

Stay Awesome, 

Monqs of MADMONQ® 

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